Photoshop 3D plugin for SketchUp

Recently contacted Adobe Photoshop re possibility of making Photoshop 3D plugin for SketchUp.

I make very little use of it in Photoshop - I might use it much more as a SketchUp plugin.

Anyone else think that would be helpful?

A PhotoShop plugin can be almost everything… Do you have a specific idea what kind of task it should help with?

  • SketchUp already supports importing .psd files
  • a plugin could provide a bridge for exchanging images back and forth between the two programs (like Layout+SketchUp)
  • it could be for PhotoShop 3d models/effects
  • it could be for 2d textures
  • do you imagine drawing on textures in SketchUp like in Photoshop (Have you seen Sculptris?)

I was mostly considering 2D textures, possibly painting on surfaces. I was wondering whether Adobe would be able to help with new texture tools.
I have used Sculptris, but just for modelling.
Rendering may also be an option.

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