Perpetual energy machine problem


Where do I get a SKP sticker?

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A very good question … maybe @Caroline can help? Or someone … ?

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Thank you I hadn’t re -read that for 40 years.

Took me a minute to find, but here’s one of my favorite Asimov short stories, “AFeeling of Power” as a movie. So in a hundred years, perhaps drawing on Mylar will be back in vogue.

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As already noted, this is demonstrated by the Crookes Radiometer. I had one as a kid, but the explanation of how it works has evolved over time. As it has been shown that it doesn’t work in a perfect vacuum, all theories involve a near-vacuum. However, the most recent work suggests that it is the movement of air molecules around the edges of the vane that actually perform the work. Based on this, a more recent version (somewhat like your idea above), utilizes dish-shaped vanes whereby the convex side receives more photons than the concave side. Since the shape controls the differential in energy, and not the color, the vanes can be the same color on both sides (what Wikipedia calls a “light mill”).


That wouldn’t be enough. I would need a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

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I cannot use mine - SKP is short for “Finnish Communist Party” in our parts.


Just going to leave this here…

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