Perimeter of a face

I want to expand the ‘Advance Attributes’ in the ‘Entity Info’ box, but it is greyed out. Is there perhaps a setting I need to change two access this feature.

Working on SU2019 Pro on a MacBook Pro.


To clarify… I was under the impression that one could ascertain the perimeter of a face, not just the square meters!

Double click then single shift click to see the combined edges.

GREAT!!! and now for the total length?

Umm, isn’t that what it gives you?
As you see here 1 edge is 1m, 4 edges are 4m and the area is 1msq.

The Advanced Attributes can be assigned to components, only.

Ok, this helps. thanks. Maybe needs some finger adjustments from my side, but have figured out how to get this info.

Thanks again for the help!

Just making sure, double click will select the face and all its edges, then shift single click on the face will deselect the face but leave the edges selected.

Yes, now have figured it out. Cheers!