Finding lineal footage and square footage in LO

Is there a way to find out area (square footage) and lineal footage in LayOut?

Of what? You can use the Dimension tool in LayOut or in SketchUp to add linear dimensions on SketchUp viewports. You can get surface area for faces in SketchUp with SketchUp’s Text tool.

Thanks. Is there a way to know surface areas in Layout?

No. If you’re referring to the surface area of faces in SketchUp, you’d have to get that info in SU.

The LayOut label tool will give area of a face, but you’ll have to manage your units settings carefully to make sure it’s a useful value (i.e. if you’re modeling in mm, the face area will be given in mm^2).

Oops. I forgot about that. And it can get it from the face in the SketchUp model. My apologies for the incorrect info. And you can get edge length if you set the Label tool on the edge.

Thanks. I’ve not been able to open the dialogue box. I’m on a Mac. I’ve tried clicking every which way but not able to get to ‘face area’ and the box you show.

I am clicking LABEL tool at the edge of a surface/face but not seeing the lineal footage or any number. And I am not clear on how to open the dialogue box as in Dave’s example above either. I am on a Mac, and tried clicking, right clicking and double clicking but a dialogue box does not appear.

On SketchUp, the tool with this icon on the large toolbar:

To get face area like this:

You can also open the Entity Info window, and the area of a selected face will be displayed.

These are all on a Mac.

I want to find a face or surface area and lineal footage in LayOut

See if this helps.

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Thanks again. But, I still cannot get ‘component definition’ after pulling the LABEL leader out.
I have right clicked, left clicked, double clicked but STILL no ‘component definition’ or dialogue box. What am I missing? Are you on a Mac?

What version of LayOut are you using? And no, I’m not on a Mac for this.

Is the thing you’re clicking on a component?

this is on my mac…
and the faces are in nested groups and/or components…

El Capitan, LO V16


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John, what do you see if you click on the blue drop down arrow?

I still have NO idea how you guys are getting the area. I have left clicked right clicked double clicked and NO dialogue box or area

I’m clicking on a FACE. In LayOut.

You still haven’t answered my question. What version of LayOut are you using?

Your profile is still mute on the subject, too.

2015 version 2015 version

OK. This is does in LO 2015. Do you see a blue drop down arrow like that in this screen shot when you click on an entity in a SketchUp viewport?

You should be able to select Face or Edge as appropriate to the entity you set the arrow on.

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