Face Perimeter in Report

Hi, I am really having trouble calculating the perimeter (=total length of all edges) of a face within a report. Can anybody point me in the right direction for this?

THX Oliver

Isn’t selecting all edges and looking at ‘Entity Info’ what you need?

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No, I need the number in a report, not just in the “Entity Info” … So I need a function / formular that does it…

Face perimeter is not one of the Dynamic Component supported functions.

It would need to be a Ruby script. Perhaps a right-click command to assign a clicked face’s perimeter to an attribute dictionary ? Automation would need to be able to select faces based upon something, their layer assignment, or their front-face material.

Dan, thank you for the information - though that is not good news… The script would not necessarily need to have any automation since the attribute could be assigned when it is drawn. It is about areas in architectural plans which have to be entered anyway… Do you know any script I could use as a starting point?

Check the Ruby API category. We’ve answered this question in there too many times.