PDFs Printing Black on Mac


I see that there have been other posts about this in the past, but I have just had a call from a Client after I sent them a PDF, and when they tried to print it from their Mac, it printed out with Black Viewports.

I am working on a PC and do not have a problem printing PDFs.

From the previous posts I have found, I can not see whether there was ever a definitive answer to this.

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Could I try one of those PDFs on my Mac?

No worries @colin

Hopefully this attaches ok.


0820-01-203 - Building Regs Application - Vertical Sections.pdf (2.8 MB)

I seem to remember that Macs have something called a Color Profile, and this result was to do with that.

Must confess, I’m not sure whether their Mac is up to date etc. So, it might not be. Not sure if that makes a difference, but would not surprise me.


It printed fine on my B&W laser printer. I looked at this article to see if color profiles might make it fail:

but those options don’t seem to be available for PDF. I made a compressed format PDF in Acrobat, see if this PDF works for them.

0820-01-203 - Building Regs Application - Vertical Sections compressed.pdf (600.7 KB)

Thank you @colin

So, the file I sent you printed ok? If that’s the case I can assume it is their Mac that is causing the problem?

Thank you for the PDF. Unfortunately, there are quite a few drawings for them. I have said that I will print them off and send them.


Also, I have Acrobat DC so I will try creating Compressed PDFs myself and sending to them.

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Hi @colin

Just sent them the Compressed/Resized Versions, so I’ll keep you posted.

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