PDFs and rooflines

Hello, I am new here. I am having two separate issues.

I work for a solar and general construction company and we use LayOut exclusively for our plan sets.

We mostly draw everything ourselves, but sometimes we use PDFs in place of things that are already drawn up and are easily customizable. However I have encountered that my PDF’s will disappear and turn into a gray box with a red X within it. I never change the location of the PDF nor do I change the file.

The second issue is I’m wondering if there is an easier way to trace a roofline off of a map’s image so that I don"t get funky angles and measurements for my roof.

Thanks in advance!

The Axes steer the Inference Engine
The Inference Engine steers the Tools
The User has complete control of the Drawing Axes location and orientation.

Simply align the Drawing Axes with the roofline in the image.
Entering dimensions via the keyboard insurres dimensional accuracy.