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I am new to Sketchup, I have Sketchup Pro 14. I know one can import a JPG, for instance, a site survey. Most of surveys I get from a city are in a PDF format. I want to import, and than trace over the surveys. Is there a good PDF to JPG converter out there, or is there another way to import PDF’s. I know Sketchup does not support PDF’s. Thank you.


You can simply extract the image–say, a jpg or png–embedded in the pdf file, write it to disk, and import that into SU. If you have the full Adobe Acrobat application, it will allow you to extract images and write them to disk. Otherwise, there are both on-line utilities and downloadable utilities that can extract images from pdf files. Here is a free utility I have on my machine capable of that and a variety of other pdf functions: PDFill Free PDF Tools



It does support PDF’s if you’re importing to trace over.
Otherwise, I’d use photoshop to open up the pdf and convert it to jpeg or any other format you’d want.


Only on Mac OS X; not on Windows



wow, for once Mac’s got the better end of the deal than Windows :P. I still dislike the Mac material browser


Thank you all so much for your help. So, I happen to have Photoshop Elements 12. I thought I would experiment, and I just drug the pdf site survey into Photoshop Elements, and saved it as a jpg. Saved it on my desktop, and was able to import it into Sketchup. Thanks again.


If the surveys are vector data PDF files, instead of converting to a raster image, you might also try applications that can convert from PDF to DWG or DXF, like Illustrator or, I think, Inkscape.



try this http://pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic.com. Thanks


convert PDF files to JPEG, PNG, TIFF images