Pattern Fill in Layout


I have had an ongoing problem with this in Layout and I’m wondering about a solution. In the image attached below, I am trying to outline the property line with a different colour of border. When I trace over top and complete the perimeter, it adds a fill material. Is there a way to set it so that it lets you just draw multiple connected lines without it automatically filling?

Select the Line or another drawing tool and turn off Fill and/or Pattern before you start drawing.

Well that’s easy. Not sure how I couldn’t figure that out on my own. It is a little difficult to tell whether Pattern and Fill are selected. There’s a very faint outline when they aren’t. Thanks!


The color of the buttons should change, too. One thing that some folks miss is the properties set in panels like Shape Style are only active if you have an appropriate tool selected of something created by that tool. Another example is Dimension Style. You either need to have the Dimension tool selected or you need to have dimensions selected.

I’ve noticed that. It can be a bit of an obstacle at times.

I guess LayOut needs to know what it is you want to change with the settings you’re changing.