Pasted relief images showing only as flat outline on model surface


I am making a simple model that requires some embossed rivet heads on the surface. I have formed the rivet heads by slicing the top off a hemisphere and discarding the rest of the hemisphere. I have saved this shape on its own page and have transferred it to the main model by simple cut and paste using the Move tool and CNTRL to produce the multiples I need. All that has gone much as I expected. But on the model surface the rivet heads look just like flat circles with no raised relief. I’m wondering if there is an issue with the flat surface itself. I had punched three holes right through it and when I view from the underside I can see right through OK, but when looking at the top surface all I see are the outlines of the three holes. What am I missing here? I’d appreciate any pearls of wisdom.


Before you get much wisdom, it would be a good idea to share the SKP file you’ve got. Otherwise it’s just WA guesses. If you made the rivet in a separate SKP file, upload that, too.


Here we go Dave. Took me a while to find the upload icon!
Rivet head 6 mm.skp (37.9 KB)
H Headstock mk3-3.skp (80.0 KB)

The generous sizes are because I have draughted in ten times finished size to overcome minimum radius implications.



Well, that was easy. Your rivet head has the blue axis running up and so when inserted onto the bottom face of the model, they wind up inside.

One way to invert them is to use the Scale tool. Select all of the rivets and then get the scale tool. Push the center handle inside through the scale bx and type -1.

Then you should correct the face orientation so their white faces are out.

You could have given the rivet head a gluing attribute and then it would glue to which ever face you stick it on.


Thank you, Dave. Most helpful. Somewhere along the line I must have turned the model upside down because I thought I was working on the top surface. Thank you, also for your suggested fix. I’m on to it.


Out of curiosity, I assume this is part of a larger model. In what position will it be used? Rivets up?


End chassis member of a model rail wagon. Rivets will be in vertical plane.


Are these to be 3D printed?

If I were modeling that, I would draw it in the same orientation it’ll be used. That will save time and trouble and reduce errors when you connect it to the rest of the wagon. Are you drawing each part in a separate SketchUp file?


This is a replacement part for a kit where I was unhappy with the one supplied. It will be FDM printed with the straight edge as the base so that I avoid ‘top surface pattern syndrome’ on the surfaces that show. A trial print that I did tonight to see if the rivets were present worked well in principle. No problem bridging the unsupported edge at the ends. Built the printer from a Chinese kit in the last couple of weeks. Remarkable quality of print for a machine that cost less than NZ$300 shipped! Cheers.


Very good.
Isn’t it cool to be able to make replacement parts for kits when you want them?


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