Pasted As Group

Forgive me if this is something that already has been requested.

I thought having “Pasted As Group” would be a nice addition to the “Paste In Place” as it would prevent the copied entities sticking with other raw geometry. The pasted group would appear just as how it would after “Paste In Place”, but as a group. Then, it would be easier to move and explode if necessary.

This sometimes shows up in my workflow as I often have complex geometry that I need to move, but stuck with other entities which will be distorted if I just use move. Then I usually have to group the whole thing, with in “edit group”, “cut” the part I wish to move, come out of the group, paste in place, move as intended, cut again, paste in place within the group, explode.

^ I will add gif to this. (noticed it is difficult to explain in words)
*GIF added to the later reply

For the under-the-hood function, the new group entity will just receive the same name system as “Make Group” feature (Group#XX)

I do the same thing, but [ctrl+g] makes a group and r-click option explodes it… and when it’s pasted, it remains selected so you can [ctrl+g] before the copy command or after the paste command. I also have [ctrl+shift+v] set to paste in place.

With shortcut keys, personally I don’t see any advantage in this.


Thanks for your input.

I thought it would be simple but effective implementation for the developers; given that there are other people like yourself doing the same thing.

I have shortcut for those as well. But, even with shortcuts, its 3 commands verses 1.

For example, “Paste In Place” function can be done with 2 or more commands workarounds: Paste, move, (rotate)
But all of us use it rely on it for convenience. Even assigning shortcuts for it.

I don’t understand why your grouping more geometry than you want to move in your use case…

from my reading, this would achieve the same result…

select only what you want to move from the raw geometry…

make that selection a group…

move that group…

explode that moved group, if you want it to stick at new location…


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I must admit my original reading of the workflow left me waiting for the explanatory gif that was promised.
Seemed an awful lot of grouping, pasting and exploding.

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Sorry box,
I had to simplify the model as I can’t release the original in public.
AND, my beloved GIF maker has failed me. Had to look for different maker.

Here is the GIF:

John, GIF above shows that your steps first. And it would actually create different result as the curves will go missing.

Although, I have realized that this is quite unique condition and your steps would fit most of the purposes.

I presume you know that you can have groups within groups within groups… ? And that paste pastes within the group you are in. (There is a side bar rollup organiser thingie that helps)

I agree with the comments above: there are maybe some tips that would help in the selection stage of your work flow?

And it’s only one keystroke to group (rather than 3) so i still see little point.