Part time (paid) help needed. Anybody interested?

Part time (paid) help needed. Anybody interested?

What is the project and expectations for delivery? What is the compensation?

Hi mballes
I do Planning and Build Control Applications. Do you have experience in that?

Which part of the world are you in for that, or is that not important? Only relevant for which regs and controls I guess.

Hi Philip
It does not matter but I am in Berkshire.
I have had help from a chap in Norfolk and another in India.
I get the work mainly in my area and London, do the site survey and send that to someone like yourself for a Quotation and go from there.


I do detailed construction drawings BIM of timber framing buildings for Norwegian customers.
But can also do brick buildings if you supply expected building standard.

Thank you for your reply.
How about if I send you a Survey to draw up and also notes on what is proposed.
Then you could give me a quotation and if we agree, you could try one?

I have experience with Honeywell Niagara control applications if it is that type of work.

Hi Mike
My work is all in the Architectural and Engineering sectors. Honeywell control sounds Electronic to me?


You can send it to my email:
Tell me a little about your company, and what type of detail you need, and what type of documentation drawings you need.
Usually I will first make a simple 3D model with outside, and inside dimension that can easily be altered live online with you or the customer.
When we have agreed on the basic model, I can use this to make a detailed construction model that I can use to compile material list and send to LayOut for detailed 2D drawings for planning application and construction drawings.

it is an application for mechanical and electrical control and monitoring. can be used for lighting, lead-lag basically Building Automation monitoring and Controls. I have been in the architectural field for 38 years and in engineering for the last 4-6 years. I do mostly data centers and mission critical facilities.