Output question


I’m trying to get a couple of comparison output of different isolation solutions.
I made a simple box 5mx5mx3m and tagged the wall, roof and floor. In the online Sefaira I made some comparisons with different U values.

I used the same model and added a window (fixed glazing) on every wall. Why is my output 0 in the “annual heating energy per unit area”.


@sander_hoogland Would you mind copying the HTTP link and DMing it to me so I can take a look at what might be going on?

If you don’t mind can you also share both the SketchUp models that you uploaded to the projects. The discrepancy in EUI for the two somewhat identical 25m2 buildings is something quite unusual at first glance.

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You could try copying the project without the windows and using the glazing override to add some glazing to each option.
Or you could try uploading the model with the window and, after copying the project, replacing all the massings with the new form.
It’s not really clear why the results are different but they are really different so something weird has happened with the new model.

How to?


Hi @sander_hoogland , you can change/override the glazing under the Envelope tab and making the necessary edits to the percent of WWR on each elevation as you can see in the .gif above.

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