Outliner reset

trying to reset outliner, can that be done?. i have all my tags the way i want them now would like regroup each group so i can start over with proper names for each. group. I woud like to end up with the groups in outline having same names as tags

I don’t think there is a native GUI way to do that without a lot of tedium. But there might be an extension that does it. It wouldn’t be particularly difficult using Ruby. Do some searching in the Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation plugin store.

I use a workflow of creating a Component, giving it a name, then applying a very handy script written by a forum member “add Tag/Layer to selected comps by def name”, which makes a new tag from the component definition name. The result is an Outliner and Tag structure with identical names and hierarchies with only typing a name once.

that looks like it might work for my needs how to i get the very handy script written by a forum member .

Well, it’s like this, if you click on the link in the reply that @endlessfix provided, you will be taken to the thread that has the download link for the extension. BTW it is really nice.

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