OS Compatibly

Would really like extension listing to indicate what OS they support - many times get excited about what description says only to find out my OS (mac) is not supported

From my viewpoint, the extension warehouse already lists OS compatibility.

Did you want more specific OS compatibility information? For example, Mac OS 10.1+?

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OS compatibly only appears on the extension description page - not on the main listing pages - you must select an extension, have it load, an then discover that it only supports one OS. Under sort you can select: latest, Alphabetical, recent, etc. - would like to sort by OS as well.


Even though it’s rare, some extensions are only mac or windows, so I can see how that’d be useful.

One problem with implementing new features though is sometimes it annoys users, unless the new feature is really well thought out and visually pleasing. And even if it’s perfect, sometimes the change of scenery can be unpleasant… Solely because certain types of people feel uneasy about change.

Little Windows and Apple icons could spruce up the EW search listing without changing a lot.

Maybe a line with min and and max versions supported?


There is limited room on the listing page, that is why there is an information page to start with.

I think the listing page should be made as clean as possible, without noise that obstructs the information.

Webpage elements can magically appear when hovering over an interested item. They need not clutter up and otherwise “clean listing.”

Could the listing page just have filters (OS, SketchUp version)?

That would satisfy the aim of this request without competing against other information in the limited space of an extension’s list item. You would have to continue scrolling anyways if an extension is incompatible and thus irrelevant for you.


You already can filter by SU version. Not OS though. It would make a lo of sense to add that too.


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… and it would be nice if the EW remembered each user’s filter and sort settings.