Orthogonal Inference Guide for Object Movement

Today I was about to venture into a situation that gives me trouble all the time, which is posing multiple copies of an object/component within another object. Whether using X-Ray or, in this case, a transparent material, inferencing quickly becomes semi-nonfunctional. I typically interpret this as a flaw in my workflow. Today I decided to treat it like a bug and create the obvious solution (just like my rotate guides, one that may already be commonplace but that I did not find in the forum search).

The guide-box is extremely simple to make, and obviously can be embedded in your default template or web components drawer. I won’t bother sharing my version here, because I haven’t used it enough to see if it bears further improvement.

If such a guide box could be packaged into the program itself, and toggled into view with a hotkey, that would be pretty nice.

Have you tried using the arrow keys.