Order model by size

Many times we need models from 3D warehouse only to fill the surroundings of the main model we are drawing or, sometimes, just to check if an average type of object (a car, a sofa, a crane, wathever) fits in the space it was planned to occupy.
For these functions, nobody really needs to insert a 6MB detailed model to be inserted in a 2 MB working plan.
Therefore, it would be of great help if the search engine of 3Dwarehouse had an option to order the models by File Size.
I believe that this would also be an incentive to designers to optimize the models they upload to the warehouse.


Hi Lauren, you can do an advanced search with a low poly count.

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Thanks Phil, that is a good tip.
However a low poly model can have big textures and you need to have a previous idea how many polys it may have.
I just believe a “File Size” extra option in the “Sort By” dropdown list wouldn´t hurt.

I remember in the older website there was a MB option I am sure .


I just came to this forum to suggest the same thing. I just need a really simple component, and file size actually matters more than appearance or popularity or any of the other options. A quick way to sort them would be awesome.


I know it’s an old request, but it will be a great option to be able to sort components by file size. Now I always have to open the components detailed page to see the size of it… So if I need for example 20 components, I have to click at least 200 times to select the smallest yet good quality component from the warehouse.

Or at least show the file size of the components on the search results page, for example on one of the components image corner (just like YouTube show the duration time). This way it will be much quicker to scroll through the components list.

Many of us hobbyst use many models in one huge “scene” for example I’m in the process of making our future home model with machine shop and garage etc… And it is already 70+ MB, because at halfway I get tired of scrolling through the many components because of the ponderous file size retrieval.

Thanks in advance!
And sorry for my poor English!

Hurray for digging up old threads. This feature is still very much wanted!

Even better would be something similar to what google image search offers: filtering by file size, dimensions (in user’s chosen units), poly count and more