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I look forward to trying it, but it sounds like I’ll stick to Make while saving up for Pro.

But can we please, please finally, at last, have an ORBIT AROUND SELECTION function??
Viewing an object within a large model always drive see insane.

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller

@Loren, orbiting about selection is quite possible with a 3D navigation mouse - see the products by 3dconnexion..

I don’t find orbiting around any specific spot difficult with a regular three wheel mouse or even a trackpad, just start your orbit with the curser on the thing you want to orbit around. You understand the orbit tool rotates around the curser, wherever it’s placed?

Actually I was NOT aware of that–and in trying that and observing, the results are completely inconsistent. I will park my mouse without clicking over a specific area of interest in a complex model and the rotation is eccentric, not centered on the element I want to examine top, bottom, front, back. This is very repeatable. I do see glimmers of the function you outline, but common rotation occurs around the model axis even when zoomed quite close to the object of interest. That drives me crazy. That’s kid stuff.

I still think OAS is logical feature request, because selection makes the center of the object of interest unambiguous. so I don’t have to buy a 180.00 mouse which does’t support Make with a Mac OS X driver, only Pro.

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I use “Zoom Selection” (on the context menu for a selection set in the model view) to accomplish this. Not quite the same as what you’re asking for, but solves the same basic problem when I’m working in a big model. For convenience, I typically set “z” as a keyboard shortcut for “Zoom Extents” and “Z” (shift-z) as a keyboard shortcut for “Zoom Selection”

Interesting, park the mouse without clicking… how are you orbiting without clicking? It’s the point of click that sets the center of orbit.

I just tried it on this page and it didn’t work???


Well we clearly have two different conversations going on here and perhaps a moderator can split this one out.

DONE: Thanks folks.

To be clear I’m not dismissing your feature request for a way to lock orbit to a selection. Just trying to of help in better understanding and using the tools as they exist. Here is a quick gif of the function I’m describing, in the first movement I click to start the orbit on the lady in the foreground, then again from the same position I orbit around the mast by starting there, and finally I start the orbit with the mouse way out in the background, which produces the “jumpy” difficult orbiting that people often have trouble with as it is in fact orbiting around that point far away.

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