[OpenStudio] Open an .idf file built on SketchUp 2013 on SketchUp 2015


I’ve been working on a project at Sketchup Pro 2013 with the OpenStudio plugin to connect my project to EnergyPlus (idf files). Now I need Add a Location on my project. With the new upgrade of Sketchup I cannot use that, so i install the new version of sketchup (SketchupPro 2015). Unfortunally I can’t open the SketchupPro2013 (.idf) files, and i dont know why. There’s no error messages.

How do i open an .idf file built on sketchup2013 on the new Sketchup 2015?

Have you installed and are they compatible with 2015, the plugins you mention?
Without the relevant plugin the files are meaningless. And if the plugin isn’t compatible with the new ruby 2 that runs in 2015 you are going to see problems.
Is there an updated version of the plugin…so many questions.

If you open the Ruby Console it may be that you will see some errors reported if @Box’s theory is correct.

which version openstudio did you use in SU2013, are you using a later version of openstudio as well?