OpenCutList - exporting cut lists & diagrams


I am quite new to OpenCutList but I think I have picked it up quite well. I love the features that it has and the ability to produce such quick and efficient cutting lists and diagrams.

I see that you can print the cutting diagrams, labels or export them as a PDF. Is there a way to export them in other file formats?
I may not have to use this depending on the contractor I am working with but it is useful to know if this is an option.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ChloeW,

First, thank you to appreciate OpenCutList !

Is there a way to export them in other file formats?

You can export cut lists to CSV file format by clicking on the Export button.

But, sorry there’s no feature to export cutting diagrams for the moment except by printing them through PDF printer.

But this will be the goal of the next 4.0 release. It will propose to export diagrams to SVG file format.
(3.0, with will be released soon but with various other improvements)

:bulb: OpenCutList is crowdfunded and as the other main features, the 4.0 financial goal must be reach before the development can starts.

Have a nice day !