Open an existing file in a new tab?

How do I open an existing file in a new tab on a Mac?
I like to use tabs to facilitate navigation between my multiple sketchup windows.
But how do I get a file to open automatically in a new tab?
At the moment when I open a file it always opens in a new window, and then I have to go to the Window menu and ask to merge the windows.
Do you have a tip?

you don’t. not automatically I mean. :slight_smile:

that, or if you activated window/show tabs, you can drag one tab to the other window and it will merge.

Unfortunately, a newly opened file does not have a tab to drag. I think merge all windows is the only way to get them together.

It does. it’s just a giant tab. if you activate “show tabs”, you can grab it by its name and drag it.

edit : the giant tab looks unintuitive, when you only have one, you don’t see it.
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I like photoshop’s version better, where even if you have only one tab, you see a tab. But apple went another way.

Once again you’re the one with the right stuff.
If it doesn’t have a built-in function, it will save me a lot of time.

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Check the System settings > Desktop and Dock
In the Windows and apps section, set
‘Open documents,apps and servers’ to ‘always’



not a tab user, but today I learned something. Thanks Mike !

Thank you @MikeWayzovski
That’s a very good solution.
And now a mac question: how to view the contents of the tabs? For example I have 10 projects open in 10 different tabs and I want to see the contents of all 10 tabs with a command or gesture on the trackpad. Then choose the right project by clicking on it
If you know the answer, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Shift + Cmd + \ is the shortcut for View > Show all tabs

Yes, that’s what I saw on a website. But on my machine this shortcut opens the app help :confused:

Finally I found a slightly different shortcut that works ⇧⌘`
This shortcut is displayed in sketchup from the menu Window > Show all tabs

Mine does say with the backslash:

Could be a qeyboard setting:)

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weird, for me, it’s in the Window menu. for you it’s under View
(I’m under 13.6)

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but yeah, french macOS, / gives help menu.

I am above, but it might be a localization thing

(As I watched through the window, my views changed)

(Alors que je regardais par la fenêtre, mes vues ont changé)