One classic licence on two computers one is offline

Hi, I am planning to buy a single user license for SketchUp pro classic. I have searched for this online and didn’t find any acceptable answer. I would like to use one license on two(2) computers, the first one is a mobile workstation with win10 and the second one is desktop PC with win7. My problem is that desktop PC is offline and I can’t connect it to the internet. Is there a reasonable option to use a single user license on both computers and of course not at the same time. When I am in the office I mostly use a desktop PC and when I am out of the office I use a mobile workstation. I realize that if both computers were online this would not be a problem. Is there a way and how would I go about it?
Thanks in advance to any helpful soul.

I believe that a computer must be online when a SketchUp Pro Classic license is installed because the app calls home to Trimble’s license server to validate the license. Once that is done, though, it does not need to be online afterward. @colin could advise you if there is an available workaround from customer service.

If the desktop can never be online, we have a way to make an offline license, that would be a text file you would get on to the computer somehow. Worse case you could type in the text of the license!

When you have your classic license, get in touch with us, and we can send back the offline version of your license.

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Thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, my desktop online is not really an option I can transfer files via USB stick but that’s about it. I figured that’s the best way to ensure internet security. And its meant for work so the internet is a distraction :slight_smile:

when I obtain a License I will be in touch.

Thanks again