OnClick dynamic component in network copy of compponent

Hello the company!
Sorry for my english it’s a google translate !

I have a problem with a dynamic component (CD).

I made a network of a slab Surface> Row> Component
I put in attribute on the component
OnClick whose formula is SET (“Active”, 1.0); SET (“Material”; “Turf_Active”, “Turf_Inactive”)

The click on the component changes the value of Active and its material.
Everything is fine !

When I stretch Surface it enlarges my network with the component that copies itself according to rows …
the onclick works well on all slabs except the first of each row.

on the 1st the onClick modifies all the tiles in the row

You follow me or I lost you?
A video ?

If you have a track so that the first of each row reacts like the others.

Have a nice week end

Better upload the sketchup file, so we can see what you are up against!

thanks for you reply
in whitch format
SU2008 , SU…,Su 2018
Whitch is the most universal !





Copy 0 of any multicopy component (Copies >= 1) is (conceptually) the “master” copy such that any changes to it propagate to ALL copies, whereas changes made to other copies (Copy >= 1) are applied only to that copy (and any changes are LOST if you change “Copies” in the master!).

Workaround is a bit complex:

  • use 1 more copy than you expect to need.
  • HIDE Copy 0
  • Redo your formulas so that last copy is positioned/rotated in place of copy 0

Thanks sjdorst
It’s a bug or it’s voluntear !
I’ll modify the formula !

I would like to count the componant wich have the attribut Actif =1
The plugin Nested DC of Tommy work only with Su 2014.
Have you an idea to count inside the DC the sum of an attribut ?

Existe an plugin, to cover an area with a grid of componant like my DC.
The idea is to count the number of piece to command and to know the diffrence bettwen (command and posed)

Thank you


i made the change in formula
if copy =0 hidden
i add 1 in the copy formula
and in the other formula (copy-1)

When i generate a report (SU 2018),
The copy are not count ! :weary:
An idea ?


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