Olympic Torch - Designed with SketchUp?



(note the facets)


Is that like, uh, perhaps a giant flamin’ kimchi pot ?


Have you also seen Bryce on TV?


Nice! Are the facets a part of the design? How did you make the fire so realistic?


It’s a screen capture from a news video … which is why it looks so realistic :wink:

Here’s my interpretation:


I hadn’t seen the 2018 Olympic lighting ceremony yet. Nice job!


I had assumed the facets were not desired. Might they be edited out?


The facets are in the actual torch. Here’s another shot where I’ve adjusted the brightness and contrast to show the facets better:



interesting. It must be enormous.


I don’t know how tall it is, but here’s another photo courtesy of Getty Images:


I modeled it as a sphere, but this shows the bottom and it looks more like a paper lantern. Perhaps the facets are deliberate.


All set to go in MaketBot … now if I only had a printer!


Another Getty Image … this one shows a totally different animal:


hah that looks a lot taller than the photo taken from the top of the building.


The fire looks good


It’s height real height (the lower part) seems to be secret.
Here’s an image that might give you an idea:

From: https://www.volkskrant.nl/sport/reuters-blundert-met-publicatie-van-repetitiefoto-s-ontsteken-olympische-vlam-persbureau-geweerd-van-openingsceremonie~a4564622/


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