Nvidia 3090 Studio Driver

Why doesn’t the Nvidia 3090 Studio Driver work with SketchUp 2021 on Windows 10?

I don’t know. I use a Quatro. Nvidia has really good support though so they should have an answer for you. What I do know is that most graphics drivers need frequent updating.

Here is the latest Nvidia Studio driver you can download:
|Release Date:|2019.5.27|
|Operating System:|Windows 10 64-bit|
|Language:|English (US)|
|File Size:|494.54 MB|

Here is a driver download link: NVIDIA DRIVERS NVIDIA Studio Driver

If that doesn’t work for you, contact Nvidia Technical Support: Access Customer Support | NVIDIA

I downloaded the latest studio driver 461.40 then used DDU v18.0.3.6 with the internet cable unplugged. And it is opening now. The FPS went up as well ^^

The shadows are still turning off on rotate unless I let SketchUp sit a long time. Not sure what is happening there :confused: At least the studio driver is working now. The 3090 should have enough power to render some shadows. I wonder if this is a SketchUp but or NVidia one?