Number of sides in a circle

Hello everyone

What exactly is the rule for the number of sides you can have on a circle in sketchup if you are printing with a 3d printer and want precise and fine results. I am using a high end printer to delivery fine results, fusion f400 with a. .4mm nozzle. So the circle needs to be precise as I will be putting close to the diameter cylinders in the holes. For this application I will be using 12mm diameter holes, but latter it will change. Hence a good general rule would help. I was thinking about 144 sides but maybe that is CRAZY to much, or perhaps I could even go more. I really have no idea.

The segmentation depends of the size…
Read this…

There is a plugin that will allow you to calculate the number of sides needed to maintain a given tolerance. For example, a 12mm diameter (6mm radius), only needs 56 sides to remain within 0.01mm tolerance of a true circle.

The “Sagitta” option uses the distance to the flat from a true circle … the “Flat” option uses the distance across the flat itself.