NREL OpenStudio 2.7.0


Are the 2+ year old tutorial videos on the above YouTube channel still applicable to the newest release?
Why is the newest release not available on the Extension Warehouse?

2019 SketchUp Pro Plugin Error

You should check with the OpenStudeio folks to see if their tutorials are up to date.

As for why the newest version isn’t in the Extension Warehouse, you’d also need to ask them. It’s up to them whether or not they publish extensions there. They are not required to do so.


I think I answered both of my questions.
Their website requires a login in order to download the newest release.

(Nevertheless, now this thread is available if somebody else has the same questions.)


Before you put too much effort into learning OpenStudio, kindly note that there was a notice some time last year the development of OpenStudio is due to be discontinued some time soon this year, if memory serves.

It could be that the situation may have changed, best to first make sure before you waste time on something that won’t be around for much longer.


Are there (better than average) extensions that could achieve similar results? If so, maybe it/they would be easier to learn compared to OpenStudio?
Also, I am wanting something that would be compatible with the Medeek suite of plugins.


Did Energy-10 Software become OpenStudio (or maybe EnergyPlus)?


Hasn’t @medeek that not implemented yet, then?:smiley:
For design decisions and impact of how large windows (should) be, you don’t need complicated geometry or details, you just need a good reference database.
Check Sefaira:


Sefaira is NOT compatible with SketchUp 2018 (or 2019).

And, it’s too expensive!

20 min launch time - SketchUp Pro 2018

The notifications in the 3D House hasn’t been updated, though it works with 2018.

@Barry pls update!

Well that is totally dependant on your situation, I guess.
Like I said, the use is in the design phase, but the true value lays in the moments that certain design decisions had a bad impact on the building energy-eco sytem etc etc


Sefaira is definitely already compatible with Sketchup 2018, and we will make sure that we update the extension page to reflect that. We’ll also update it when we’re ready to notify everyone that it’s compatible with Sketchup 2019. In the meanwhile, please visit for the latest information about Sefaira.


OK, 2019 was released yesterday, and Sefaira can be purchased as a part of
SketchUp Studio.


Yep, but that doesn’t resolve the issue of it being too expensive for my coworkers and myself.


We’re not in sales on the forum. We answer technical questions and help users here, so that discussion takes place elsewhere typically.