and Beopt plug-in

I’ve been looking at this energy analysis extension/plug-in for over a year but yesterday, when I tried to find it I couldn’t. The Beopt program is available and simple, but you have to ‘draw’ your model using it’s proprietary 3D software. There should be a way to import a SketchUp model and analyze that. A while ago, there was a plugin that did the analysis ‘real time’ from within SketchUp. Does anyone know anything about this?

I think there was an extension that did something similar called Energy Plus. Not 100% sure though.

@DanRathbun is Open Studio associated with Energy Plus?

It’s by NREL, and is related I believe.

Check out the Sefaira extension as well - they recently became part of Trimble so there are exciting things coming.


That is the $50 question. NREL is the mother organization for both Open Studio and the BEopt software that I’m looking for. NREL has changed some names of their suite of programs, so now no one knows what is what. I thought that Energy Plus, is a program within the Open Studio suite, that resembles the BEopt software, that it was called two years ago. But Energy Plus seems different, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Sketchup.
Two years ago, BEopt was a simple plug-in/extension downloadable from or the Extension Warehouse. This Open Studio stuff is something else it seems. Seifaira has exactly what I want, but costs a lot of money.