AI, energyplus, python, and sketchup together. Working on shape optimization

I am working at the optimization of energy efficiency through AI techniques. I am using Sketchup, Python and energyplus…
I want to be able to add shaping editions to the model but I am not sure if Sketchup will relate to python on the way I expect.

does anyone have any tips??

Please clarify what you expect. SketchUp has an embedded Ruby interpreter, but has no official Python support .

At first glance the topic almost seemed like one of those “A _____, a _______, and a ______ walk into a bar…” jokes.

An energyplus, python, and SketchUp walk into a bar…


Hi @giuliapiazzaf

Have you had a chance to look at Euclid (although a little dated might give you insight on how this extension was developed which is a front end to Eplus in SketchUp).

Sefaira, while it produces the Eplus (.idf files) for SketchUp models, it does not surface all the inputs that you probably want to change in the energyplus file from within the SketchUp environment.

Also worth looking into is Openstudio - if you haven’t already done so that is.

Hope this helps.