Python API feature request

How SketchUp API can be call using python script?

The API is in Ruby. There are no bindings for Python and no embedded Python interpreter.

Sir my overall project is in python and i want to use SketchUp for shadow analysis so if i make SketchUp API call using ruby i will be in problem while integrating my project. Please provide me the solution if any. Thank you.

It sounds like you are looking for an external automation API to SketchUp, so that your standalone Python program can command SketchUp to generate items? SketchUp does not have and has never had such an automation API, not in Ruby nor in any other language. The Ruby API is an embedded interpreter inside the SketchUp process.

If you want to have access to a SketchUp model from within your own program (not inside of SkethUp) you need to use the C API.

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