Not a valid SketchUp file

I have a few files from a customer, and all of them give the error message about not being a valid SketchUp file. Happens on Mac and Windows.

When I look at the files with a hex editor, all of their files look different to how my files look. Does this kind of different data look familiar to any of you? I think the files were written on a Croatian system, and there could be a Unicode related thing going on. I’m not sure.

Here is the Croatian file first, then a file I saved.

For anyone finding my question some time in the future, another topic had the same issue, and in their case the problem was solved by ZIP compressing the SKP before sending the file. It seems some email systems do bad things to attached SKP files.

The same solution worked for my customer case too.

That’s a “fix” that was commonly used years ago, even B.G. Hadn’t heard of anyone using it lately and I’d kind of forgotten about it.

Last seen in the late 1990s. There might be some very old email systems around. I have already about forgotten what MIME is or was.

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