No live stream today!

Hi all! This week got a little hectic with the Fireside Chat, and I’m running behind and low on steam!

We will plan on hoping online next week at the usual time.

To that end, what kind of stream should we do next week?

  • Q&A
  • Machine Parts
  • Landmark Building
  • SubD modeling

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hi there.
if you choose to go on a Sub D model, could you please take a long time to explain Quad face tools.

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Today’s live model session was inspired by this performance:

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I think a live QA method might be a good shout going forward via the fireside chat method or twitch .

A tour de force. Soloist William Marx. Any relation to Groucho?

Actually, I often wish a lot of modern classical music took this approach: short and to the point and with no dissonance.

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Personally, I think we should use SubD to model a Landmark Building out of Machine Parts whilst answering questions.


… how do I give a broken heart to a comment…

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And the same composer is also behind this performance:

I think I might start my career as a classical composer right here and now, even though I don’t play an instrument and can only barely read music.

My first oeuvre and magnum opus is entitled ASAP (As Short As Possible). It lasts a nanosecond and no note is played. There, I just performed it, its premiere.

All great musicians learn from those who have gone before and I freely acknowledge my inspiration to John Cage.

I may not be able to show off my virtuosity on a musical instrument but I can show off with french and latin words to make myself look cultured.