No graphic tools work in existing drawing

Suddenly dimension tool (as well as other drawing tools) quit working. Rebooted and same problem. Suspect file is somehow corrupt. Was able to use “Timemachine” to open earlier file that works. This is the second time this has occurred and had a lot invested in the drawings. Would like to know how to fix or avoid problem. I am running Layout 2017 on Mac Yosemite on older Power Book. Thanks

How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see what’s happening?

Not sure if I managed to share the file. Uploaded to DropBox and link is above.

So I pulled this file from the trash. Still not alowing use of dimension or other graphic tools.
Thanks for taking a look.

Ah, yes. That will happen when you have your SketchUp viewports on a layer higher in the list than the active layer.

The pencil icon represents the active layer. The blue dot shows you the layer of the selected entity.

The Dimensions and graphic tools are working. You just can’t see what they are doing because you are placing them so the viewport occludes the view.

You should create layers for the text and dimensions that resides higher in the list than your viewport layers. Here’s an example of the layers from one of my templates.

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Excellent! Much appreciation here!