Newbie wants to orient model to location

I have drawn a model but the axis’ are not oriented in cardinal directions (North, South, east and west). It’s easy to geolocate the center of my model at the right location, but the orientation is wrong. How do I orient my model with cardinal directions? (I’m hoping that I don’t have to rotate all the entities in my model!)

Sounds to me as if you just need to rotate the model so it faces the right direction. The default orientation of the model axes are such that solid green points north. Rotate the model to suit.

Appreciate the quick reply. I was hoping that the axes could remain oriented with the walls in my model as it helps with the drawing process. Is there a way to maintain my axes relative to my wall directions and still orient the model to cardinal directions?

You can still orient the axes to align with the model. Just rest the axes temporarily to find north and rotate the model to suit. Then set the model axes as desired to align with the model. For the next project do this up front and it’ll save you some work.

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Got it. Thank you!!

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