Newbie need help- create multiple holes in cylinder

Hi !
I’m new sketchup user, and currently need to draw something urgently. I tried more than 10 hours yesterday, but can’t sketch a cylinder cup with multiple holes surrounding it.
I sketch a cup using follow me , and then manually poke a cylinder through it and interact model, then delete the cylinder to make a hole on the cup. I do it one by one , and it spent a lot of time because after finished, the product seems a lot of problem , the holes seems not perfect, and a lot of unwanted lines around it, i delete those unwanted lines and some faces dissapeared too. I patch manually and the object came out unuseable and my 3D slicer software can’t slice it correctly.
May i know how to create a series of tidy holes surrounding a cylindrical cup as shown in photo please?

One example without plugins…


Thank you very much for your demo, just 3 minutes and you finished the job! thanks!