New user how to make a 24" by 24" exact cube

New to Sketchup and have tried many things to build a cube to exact measurements. It is impossible with the mouse. How can you create or modify the size with keypad input? E.g. 24.00" x 24.00"

No. It’s not.

Drag out a rectangle and pay attention to the format of the dimensions in the Dimension window. Type 24,24 (not 24 x 24) and press Enter. Then get the Push/Pull tool, click and release on the face and move the cursor up. Let go of the mouse, type 24 and press Enter. Do not try to click in the Measurements window.

You should go through the tutorials at


Thanks I was missing a step an you were very helpful. After the cube is created and you use the dimension entry to change size of a face(s)?

After the cube is created you can change its dimensions with Push/Pull, the Move tool, or Scale. Some times one method is more appropriate than the others. You can’t just select a part of the model and type a new dimension.

Go through the Sketchup tutorials at

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