New User: group loses color after moving

I have been making the shapes in my 2d drawing with some good success. I wanted to add a rectangle which will be a different color (representing an existing piece of trim that I have been getting a lot of measurements off of in the real world). I made a rectangle, filled it in black with paint bucket, grouped the entire rectangle apart from my existing shape (floorplan) but when I moved it into position it loses its color in a weird way; looks like it is twisting or rotating and showing reflecting light patterns especially if I zoom in and out. Also I am having trouble placing it exactly where I want it (straddling the existing shape’s border) although zooming in while placing has helped a bit.E-series EB with Slider - Doghouse to Cargo Doors Floor (1).skp (191.9 KB)

You are seeing what is called z-fighting. The rectangle you’ve painted black is in the exact same location at the other face and the graphics card can’t decide which one should be in front. Create some separation between them and you won’t have the Z-fighting. It doesn’t have to be as much as I show here but this demonstrates how the z-fighting goes away when the faces aren’t in the same place.

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