New user...3d farm equipment symbols

I’m a Softplan 2020+ user and although I have created 3d rendering before, it’s been only for minimal presentation. I’m currently working on a design for advertising presentation only, which will be a event barn for weddings, concerts, etc. I was directed to install SketchUp for widening my opportunities…I’m a new SketchUp user and unfamiliar with options, but I’m familiar with models as I’m a former Solidworks designer!?

Now, I would love to find some farm equipment as this location is in the middle of a functional hay farm…Any information or guidance in finding or creating my own symbols is of much appreciation.

Symbols that would be greatly appreciated…

  • Hay bundles (bails or rolls)
  • Tractor
  • Rustic yard/porch decor

You might have a search in the 3D Warehouse (Access it via the Window menu in SketchUp) and see if you can find something that would be suitable. You’ll most likely find 3D models of all of these things. You could also model them yourself working from your imagination or from reference images. That will require investing some time to learn how to use the tools properly which you’ll want to do anyway. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend before this particular project is due, though, the Warehouse will help a lot.
Keep in mind that working in SketchUp will be different than working in Solidworks.

Thanks Dave, honestly it just finished installing, so I haven’t even opened it yet…Are saying that Solidworks and SketchUp are totally different?

I think you’ll find they are enough different that if you try to use it exactly like Solidworks, you’ll just frustrate yourself. Take the time to learn how to use the tools properly. Start with the Fundamentals.

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They are like the US and the UK, on the surface the language is the same but the reality is something else altogether.


SoftPlan + Solidworks = Major frustration in figuring out SketchUp

I agree with what others have said. I used SW every day for about 4 years (consumer products), switched jobs and now have used Sketchup for 2 years straight (architecture/building interior-ish stuff).

You will be majorly annoyed at how Sketchup does things, features missing, things that were previously easy that are now difficult.

However, there are some things Sketchup does faster/easier than Solidworks, and when I open SW and try to model now I need to remember/relearn a bunch of stuff because I’ve gotten used to Sketchup.

Using Skp for a barn and environment is a pretty good place to start.

DaveR…Thanks for all your feedback, you helped a lot! I’v got SU up and running, downloaded some SKP files, now how do I import them?

I use a architectural program Softplan 2020+, would you are anyone else have advice?

File > Import
You should start with the basics and work your way up.

:roll_eyes:That wasn’t helpful, although it probably wasn’t meant to be :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Was simply rhetorical, only meant to lead up to the last question, which was the emphasized the viewpoint of my post being…

A good place to start THE LEARNING CENTER. There is a wealth of info there plus interactive tutorials.

Indeed +1,000’s of helpful information there, but at this particular time I was still having trouble with the program starting, so I wasn’t aware of the “Learning Center”, nor was I aware of 3d Warehouse which for now is my focus…Taking off in strides!..Thanks RLGL

It was meant to be helpful. You got sketchup running. You found sketchup files and asked specifically how to import them. I pointed out the import process. If that wasn’t helpful the issue is with your question.

It seems like you haven’t figured out the basics. Everyone is urging you start with fundamentals. I agree.


I certainly agree, I have received much help including from yourself, which I’m grateful…My orginal post was answered by DaveR

Then I went on to inquire if anyone was familiar with importing into Softplan software

Which I received the importing skp file directions from another Softplan user…Thanks for everyone’s help.