New Undet release. It may be the time to drop SE

Ill cut to the chase. Undet’s newest release for Studio 2023 is making me think hard about moving from SE. The newest release includes 15 new tools which will make some of my current workflow outside of SU redundant. It looks like a very impressive release.

I have been using SE for a number of years and up to date the improvements have kept me from buying into the Undet extension. Thing is, for any SU project and depending on requirements, I can use ReCap, ACad, Cloud Compare, Meshlab, Instant Meshes, Meshroom and Blender outside of SU as part of my point cloud and meshing workflows. This may now change.

What are others experiences of Undet?
Especially interested to hear from those who have already tested the newest release.

Turning a church into a rock climbing studio?

For this project, yes. It is one of many old churches in the UK and this one lives on as a climbing gym.
The B-listed church closed in 2009 and the congregation joined with another church nearby.


Hi Aroberts,

Next week I am planning to do a detailed presentation about the new features of Undet software.

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Hi Aroberts

Thanks for your feedback. We are hearing that you think the new updates in Undet make Scan Essentials redundant for your workflows. Is it correct? We invite you to a research call to better understand your workflows and needs. I will send you a private message with an instruction to book a call with the team.
We are developing some existing capabilities for Scan Essentials. Are you in the beta testing program at Trimble Early Engagement Center? If so you will be notified when there is an update.

Product team

Hi Olivia.

I have scheduled a call for next week.
I am not currently in the beta testing for SE but would be interested in this.
Please let me know how to proceed.

Hi Marius, please can you share some more details?