New Twinmotion 2016 visualization

The new version of Twinmotion has been released about a month, does anyone tried it already?

Here is their trailer on YouTube: - YouTube

Some new features are quite interesting for me, such as:

  • create executable stand alone file, clients are able to take back with
  • Bring in Google topology
  • Bring in point cloud techno
  • Generate images and walkthrough videos fast as always
  • New landscaping painting system
  • etc

Did anyone used it before and can share with us your experiences?

Some of the comments are pretty funny. Being Windows only rules it out for me.

What did you mean Colin?

In the YouTube comments there are a few where the poster says bad things about TwinMotion, and how people should stop using it and switch to other tools. Probably not the reaction that the demo reel was supposed to get.

Oups! I haven’t pay attention to the comments last time I saw the video. But it’s rude to tell people to stop developing the software…I saw a comment from a Revit forum: a guy shared his experiences about the visualization softwares he has tried. Here I think this one is more constructive compared to the comment on YouTube which has no arguments at all.

Twinmotion is produced by the French firm Abvent, and some users of their older rendering package ArtLantis seem to be frustrated by the direction its development is taking. (I haven’t read the actual comments mentioned here). Older versions of ArtLantis were focused to getting adequate quality at great speed, but the newest one has taken a stride towards products like Maxwell with increased quality and multiplied render times.


Hi Anssi, Twinmotion is actually developed by the French firm KA-RA, and Abvent became its worldwide distributor since early this year. Indeed Abvent is the producer of rendering package Artlantis. I think the reason they sell Twinmotion now is to complete their product portfolio.

I use Artlantis Render and it has the option of rendering with Artlantis or Maxwell rendering engines (I think that the Maxwell is only available if you buy the “Studio” version that does fully rendered animations.)

At the start of the presentation you see people wearing 3D glasses: does anyone know if an external package is rendering to 3D or if it’s part of the Twinmotion output?

No, the Maxwell render engine is a totally different purchase, it is not included with the Studio version. This in ArtLantis 5. I don’t know if Maxwell (=very, very slow) is an option with the version 6. I cannot lose the speed of version 5, so I keep from upgrading at the moment.


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This is a direct output from Twinmotion. They have a fonction “Stereoscopy” for image and video output. I saw on their forum that the software will be compatible with Oculus Rift in their first patch for TW2016. :heart_eyes:

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