New Laptop Options Dell VS HP

I’m trying to decide between the Dell Inspiron 14Plus and the HP Envy (links below). I will only be doing light, less detailed drawings for architectural plans. Any thoughts?

HP Envy

Both might be good choices. I will let those more technically inclined comment.

I have a DELL Intel I5 Gen 8 CPU 16mb Memory and am happy with it performance wise. It has a 14" screen which is too small. I use an external monitor 32 inch so I can see my work.

Both of your choices should be OK. The Dell has a slightly more powerful Nvidia card (the Intel-only option is not to b e recommended. If you have money to spare, you might opt for more RAM than the basic 16GB. Upgrading the memory later might be expensive.

if you have a desktop monitor to work with, then the Dell looks good.

The dell has a better specced CPU and GPU: it’s the slightly more powerful machine.