Intel 4 ultra hd graphics 620

Has anyone used an i7 16ram Dell with intel 4 ultra hd graphics 620 with sketchup?
Both of the laptops below passed the SketchUp 2017 Checkup application . .

Is there a more detailed test than this one, which is just pass/fail?

I purchased both of these computers and took them to geeksquad for comparison on sketchup because I don’t know sketchup. Just planning to learn.

(BTW, I got the Dell for only 700$ and I like the monitor, keyboard and track pad better than the Levamo.)

Surprisingly, the geek showed me that on a complex 3d city scene, changing light levels with a shadow showed jumpiness on the Levamo, and smooth operation on the Dell.
It may be that the test was unfair because he wasn’t using identical images.

Not based on sketchup, I like the Dell better than the levamo because the levamo monitor is drabber and darker and the track pad and keyboard are not as good as the Dell. Especially the keypad is a bit jumpy. But at one Geek test, the tablet mode on the Dell stopped working. Later with restarts, it resumed. It’s possible that neither computer is good to learn sketchup on. There is a very good deal right now on Microsoft Surface Pro. The i7 with 8ram and nvidia is out of my budget but I will buy it if that’s what it takes. Fabulous monitor on the surface pro.

The Levamo and the Dell have 16 ram but it seems like the quality of the surface pro may be better. I want to buy the lowest cost laptop that will be “fine” with sketchup.

Any suggestions?


The “Lenovo” computer may have the same graphics hardware, but since on Windows (which I guess you were using), drivers are (re)distributed by the manufacturer, both computers may have different driver versions. New graphics hardware often has unoptimized or even buggy driver software, no matter how much it has cost, and it takes until the next driver update to have a fairer comparison.