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Any help is appreciated. I am trying to get rid of my nested instances in a complex component but i can not figure it out. I have already tried solidsolver and it did most of the work but will not get rid of nested instances for me. i have tried MakePrintable and it ruined my model so i didnt go through with it. Im not sure what else i can try or how to get rid of them. I have attached the model in this thread.

Thank you all in advanceAutoSave_no sin box (3-25).skp (1.7 MB)

Can’t look at your model as I’m on my phone.
Nesting just means you have groups or components combined within another group or component, or even simply one double wrapped.
You can use the Outliner to see where the nesting is and remove it so that everything is individually grouped.
If there are plus signs next to things in Outliner then there is something nested there. Drag it out.

exploded the inner component
window/model info/ statistics…purge unused
edit/ deleted guides

inside the model deleted and amended surfaces on “o”, “oo” so now solid

AutoSave_no sin box (3-25).skp (179.1 KB)

note the large file size difference after the purge

you are beyond a life saver i couldnt figure out what what was the nested
instances to fix them, thank you brother anything i can do to help you back
out and re pay you let me know.

keep in touch with the forum and when you can help someone else, pass on the good will


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