Need pattern making help: How to copy something that duplicates changes simultaneously?

I dont understand how changes in one square can be duplicated simultaneously on the other squares. I have a windows laptop, can someone please explain this, I watched this video 10 times! Cant figure it out :frowning:

I saw that over here in this video but the guy doesn’t explain how

Notice how he only draws in one square and all the other squares are automatically edited,

Each unit is an instance of a component. When one instance is edited, all other instances get edited, too.

Hey there! Simply create your square, group it and then right click and choose Make Component. That way your square becomes a special object and every time you copy that square it’ll produce clones. Each of those clones will be affected when you edit any of them.

Or better and easier, skip the group-making step and just make it a component. No point in wasting time making groups before making them components.

I personally prefer to group objects with Ctrl+G before making them a component because otherwise it brings up an additional menu window where you have to name and confirm your action, which in fact does take more time than simple grouping shortcut.

How does hitting G and Enter take more time than hitting Ctrl+G and then right clicking and choosing Make Component? No one says you have to give the component a name. You can let SketchUp name it. With your method every single component is called “Group”. By making a component from the beginning each new component gets a different name; “Component#1”, “Component#2”, etc.

I don’t know. It’s probably because of personal experience. I figured out it would be more comfortable for me to use a shortcut + context click, rather than have double keyboard actions, one of which either makes your right hand come off the mouse or your left hand cross the left “comfort zone” of the keyboard. (I developed my own method of 3D modeling, which includes psychological calculations of the hand traveling around the keyboard for a certain action).

Ah… I don’t remove my hand from the mouse to hit Enter. Different stokes…

So what do you use?


My thumb… :D:D

Mouse with several hot keys?

Foot mouse pad is also a possibility :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Vahe - I group things before making them a component. True you get components named “group#”, but it’s simple to re-name them (BTW the group number increments the same way the component number does).

The main advantage of doing this is that I don’t need to make sure the tic box to “replace selection with component” is selected - if the selection has attached geometry then it’s automatically off, otherwise it’s on.
I can [ctrl+G] then r-click and [make component] or I can [G], make sure that the box is ticked and either [click ok] or [return]. For me the process of looking for the tic, acknowledge if it’s on or off, and decide to leave it alone or click on it takes more time than the dumb keystrokes and clicks that need no thought or decision making.

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Hi everyone!
@Gully_Foyle @VahePaulman @DaveR @denisroy
So glad to get a prompt reply from all of you!
It’s not working! whether I make group or component, I did both! Still wouldn’t work! :confused:

I did it before too since the guy in the tutorial asked for it. I’m new to sketchup, I’m an avid autoCAD user, but I need to start using sketchup now, and I feel helplessly incompetent. I dont know what I’m doing wrong. Lemme look up a way to record my screen to show you all.

Could it be because I have sketchup make? and not pro. (Although I was told by the website I was getting a free 30-day trial of sketchup pro as a thankyou, but lies).

I talk too much, just please help me!

Could it be that you aren’t selecting the little tick box.

Why don’t you share your SKP file instead of making us guess at what you are doing wrong? It’s a waste of everyone’s time to continue along this line as it is.

This is not something that is different between the Pro and Make versions of SketchUp.

sorry for wasting your time Dave.
downloading an app to record my screen.

how’d you record that like an image. I thought i knew alot about computers.

We don’t need a screen shot, though. Just upload your SKP file.

file.skp (94.0 KB)
Here you go, sorry it took me a while to realise that skm is the extension name for a sketchup file.

SKP is the file extension for the SketchUp file.

The problem is although you’ve made components of the rectangle and copied it, the shape you’ve drawn is outside the component wrapper. You need to open the component for editing and then draw the shape.

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