NEED Master SKill for world changing efforts. Inc. paid vacation to Costa Rica. Topography and property development

Multiple components I need modeled out. I am an ammature and I am writing the master Plan for a development project in Costa Rica. 600 Acres transformational center and for thriving community in the Yucatan, and for development project in Bali. Prove your skills on one of the components. Prove your commitment to the project and may be able to have multiple jobs for the right person back to back to back.
Will want to fly the right person out to Costa Rica. Expenses paid for vacation in paradise. Waterfalls on sight. minutes from Beach. Beautiful luxury Cabina. Must have experience and a whole lot of heart. The right person will not be a droid. :):smile:
Other components will be established after the right person comes through.

You might get a better response if you post some sort of brief or any information about exactly what you need.

When you say prove your commitment do you mean you want work up front?