Need help with "use sun for shading"

I am needing to do a simple thing. I have a simple model I need to rotate 5 or 6 times creating scenes. these will be exported individually as 5 or 6 jpg to create a gif animation. I prefer the dramatic look of use sun for shading. however the “sun” is moving with the rotation. What I mean is the left side starting out the shadowed or dark side does not stay that way as I rotate - not with rotate tool but camera. I think the sun setting is linked to the first view like forever and I tried to tie a different sun setting to the other views to no avail. I must be approaching this incorrectly.

thanks in advance


You are referring to orbiting the camera around the model. The sun is remaining in the same place. It’s as if you were walking around the model.

To do what you want to do you could actually make rotated copies of the model giving each one a different tag. Then create scenes with the camera remaining stationary but showing a different tag in each scene.

Here’s an example with 8 scenes.

Alternatively you can rotate the northpoint around and fix in different scenes… to get the angle you want

Thanks so much for this Gary - it is appreciated. I do grasp this partly. By northpoint you mean solar north?

Thanks Dave - understood will try this!

Yep, Solar North

Note that the Solar North setting is only saved with scenes that are not included in animation.