Move Sun Tool / Studio Lighting

I realise that you can set the sun in SU using location and time settings but it’s a lot of faff just to get shadows set right for a series of scenes. I make models where the geographical data is irrelevant, I just want to be able to very quickly move the light source around my models to get the best lighting and shadows possible for that scene.

Having a basic option to switch between a real sun and a studio sun would be great, to be able to rotate it around the axis and be able to move it between high noon or horizon would be perfect! Light source diatance and shadow intensity/softness would also be a bonus!

There is a plugin “Solar North” which lets you input the north angle for the sun. I’m not sure if it’s only available for SketchUp Pro.
With it installed it lets you change the sun’s position related to your model without rotating the model itself. It would allow you to do what you are after quite fast.

… and geolocate your models on the prime meridian at the equator.