Need help updating a SketchUp model on sketchfab

Hello, please forgive me for my bad english, I use a translator.

My problem is that i whant update a sketchup model on sketchfab with the extention “Sketchfab Uploader” but I can’t do it because I lost the original file, and I can’t find it but i still have a copy of the sketchup model on my computer.

The modele i whant update on sketchfab : Force aérienne Marley aéronef / Marley airship - Download Free 3D model by RedC130 (@RedC130) [8535378] - Sketchfab

Do you have any solutions for me?

PS: I asked the question on the sketchfab forums but I did not receive an answer, I hope you can help me.

It’s hard to be sure if you lost the original SketchUp file, or you lost the Sketchfab uploader. If it’s the uploader extension you lost, you can get it from here:

Thanks for your answer, i lost the sketchup files not the sketchfab uploader extension.
I cant update my 3D model on sketchfab.

You had said that you still had a copy of the file on your computer. That made me be hopefully that you still had the model file.

If there is any chance that the file is somewhere on your computer, there is a utility called Everything, that finds things very quickly. You could type in .skp and immediately see all of the SketchUp files you have.

You can get that utility from here:

Your own comments on “your file” in Sketchfab, say that it comes from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse …
… attributed to Landrein.L which I think is you as the user URL has “RedC130” in the name.

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@colin Thanks you for this tool, but even with this i don’t find the original file. I will keep this tool because it will be useful to me in the future.

@DanRathbun DanRathbun Yes it is my model, I put them on the 3D Warehouse and on sketchfab because on sketchfab I have more possibilities for rendering.
I added a link to this topic on the 3D Warehouse model to prove that it’s me.

Could you download the model from 3D Warehouse?

Yes i can, but i can not update my modele on sketchfab with it