Need help to convert sketchup geometry into solid body

Hopefully, you all are fine and doing great. I am very grateful if someone guides me to convert the car geometry of the SketchUp file into a solid body for Ansys simulation or if you do me a favor by converting it into a solid body for me. I have tried to make it solid in Ansys design modeler, SolidWorks, fusion 360, and also in 3ds max but I am unable to make it into a solid body.
Screenshot 2021-03-29 153642

I have also attached the SketchUp file. Kindly find the attach
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M.Awaiscar geometry.skp (2.5 MB)

Post the SKP file so we can usefully comment on it…

car geometry.skp (2.5 MB)
Thankyou for your reply

One of the rare occasions where a car model is simple to fix.
car geometryBox.skp (680.4 KB)

Thankyou highly appreciated … btw can you guide me how you do that, also in future it will be beneficial for me because i go through lots of video but are not good for me…and also kindly let me know through which software you have done it…again Thanks!!

I simply did it using the basic sketchup tools. I exploded all the separate groups and combined them into one group.

As @Box says, a ‘solid’ in SketchUp can only contain edges and faces, and every edge must support two faces - no more and no fewer. Nested groups etc will break the ‘solidity’ check.
Also note that faces should be logically oriented - i.e. with front-material outwards, no blue back-material visible - this alone will not break SketchUp’s checking, but it can cause issues with some 3d-printers and many renderers, and is best avoided…

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Thanks to explain, i tried mechanical software and also open it in sketchup pro( trial version) thatswhy it does not show me complete option…btw thanks means a
lot !!

Thankyou sir to explain in detailed

I don’t understand what you mean, everything I did is available in the trial version or even the free web version. But you would need to learn how to use the basics of the software.
But not to worry, you have the model now.