Creating a Hollow "Bucky Ball!" How can I make it a solid feature?!

Hi all,

I am attempting to use SketchUp to create models for 3d printing. I had been using AutoCad software up until this point. I am trying to convert this solid model of the “Bucky Ball”

into a hollow object so I can turn it into a sort of bowl. I am able to create the shape I want but it is not recognized as a solid object(I believe because of internal faces, etc.). After a day of googling I am still know where. What is the easiest way to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance!


I must be missing some point…I tried loading that 3D Warehouse model from within SketchUp and it is reported to be a solid. Then I tried downloading it as a skp file using your embedded link and opened it in SketchUp. Opened that way it came in as loose geometry, requiring triple-click to select everything and then make component, but it is also a solid.

By the way, you profile says you are on SketchUp 64…I assume you mean 64-bit SketchUp 2015.

There are quite few ways to do what you want but here is one of the most basic.
Copy and paste the ball in place, scale the second copy either larger or smaller, explode all , cut at the relevant position by intersecting a face, clean up and delete the geometry you don’t want. Finally make group/component.


Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I did mean 64-bit SketchUp 2015. It’s fixed now.

Thank you for such a thorough explanation! I’ll give that method a go.


Excellent… Thank You